Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions


Josu Loroño
Thousand of musicians of Biscay will always remember him every time they unfold the bellows of their accordions and began to break their first's accords. The Maestro Josu Loroño founder of Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions and teacher of many generations of musicians, died last Saturday 13th of September, after a painful and long illness.

Born in Larrabetxu, Biscay in 1929, he develop his whole artistic and professional life in Bilbao, where he studied piano, harmony and musical composition in the Conservatory "Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga" where he also worked as a teacher of Harmony.

His passion for the accordion began in the fifties decade. Then it was a not well known instrument, more linked to folk than to the symphonic music. However, thanks to his long investigations, the 22nd of November of 1963 he opened the Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions making his dreams come true and interpreting with his Orchestra the masterpieces of the great musical maestros from classics as Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Schubert, Bizet, Strauss, going through different genders and styles such us Zarzuela, French music, folk, symphonic Basque -Guridi, Sorozabal- but always with his original tone, achieving an exclusive and different sound turning into the point of reference in the accordion world.

He raised the instrument of accordion to the highest peaks of educated music and carried out thousands of concerts around Spain, Germany, France and Poland.

Man and artist of strong character, independent and great lover of his own country, as well as defender of his mother tongue: Euskera, he always considered himself as an idealist and in love with the XIX century. Idealist but at the same time a tireless worker that never left anything at random, and considered that inspiration, to which he attributes only the 10% of the success, only arrived when one was working.

In 1980, the Ministry of Education granted him with the superior qualification to teach accordion and eight years later, Josu Loroño received a tribute from the Biscay Regional Council. In 1988, the town hall of Bilbao also paid him tribute for his brilliant artistic career in the town of Bilbao.