Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions


Digital Newspaper Galicia Suroeste, august 12th 2010
The Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions achieves a great success in Galicia

The concert offered in San Bieito Auditorium by the Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions, under the baton of Amagoia Loroño, was outstanding. About six hundred people were enthusiastically clapping during the late night of Saturday 7th of august with every repertory performance that the formation offered in A Guarda. In some of these performances, the audience even clapped in time at particular fragments as “Les Touréadors” from the Opera Carmen of G. Bizet.

Also among the audience, one woman was emulating being the conductor of the Orchestra while others were moving at the rhythm of the pasodoble “Puenteareas” of R. Soutullo and all of them were requesting encores. At the end, the audience rose up from their seats to say goodbye to the Orchestra. Among all were the accordion teacher Lorenzo Rodríguez, founder and conductor of the Accordion band Mascarenhas; the musician Iván Fernández from the music band of Mougás; Jose Luis Rodríguez from the ensemble “Los Bambinos” and the young accordionist, Iván Rodríguez, just to name some of the high local figures that attended to this encounter with the accordion music.

The Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions has carried out since 1997 more than seventy concerts around Galicia. On this occasion the tour was as it follows: before A Guarda, on august 5th the Orchestra was in Tui which auditorium was packed. The 6th of august, the Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions visit Riveira, and played at the Concello Square in front of more than thousand persons and on the 8th was the Granxa-Campelo square in Poio the one that welcome this formation.

The interest and enthusiasm that this Orchestra provokes has converted them in one of the classic essentials of the summer program of Caixanova.

Burgos Newspaper, December 14th 2009
The Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions delights the audience

The possibilities that offer an instrument as an accordion mastered, promoted and disseminated with outstanding results by the Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions, manage to delight the audience of Burgos. The love they feel for music is transmitted and achieved by its director Amagoia Loroño, which raise the quality of the accordion during the concert.

Miguel Ángel Valdivielso, september 17th 2008
Josu Loroño, founded the Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions of that instrument in Bilbao

Thousand of musicians of Biscay will always remember him every time they unfold the bellows of their accordions and began to break their first's accords. The Maestro Josu Loroño founder of Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions and teacher of many generations of musicians, died last Saturday 13th of September, after a painful and long illness.

Born in Larrabetxu, Biscay in 1929, he develop his whole artistic and professional life in Bilbao, where he studied piano, harmony and musical composition in the Conservatory "Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga" where he also worked as a teacher of Harmony.

His passion for the accordion began in the fifties decade. Then it was a not well known instrument, more linked to folk than to the symphonic music. However, thanks to his long investigations, the 22nd of November of 1963 he opened the Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions making his dreams come true and interpreting with his Orchestra the masterpieces of the great musical maestros from classics as Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Schubert, Bizet, Strauss, going through different genders and styles such us Zarzuela, French music, folk, symphonic Basque -Guridi, Sorozabal- but always with his original tone, achieving an exclusive and different sound turning into the point of reference in the accordion world

He raised the instrument of accordion to the highest peaks of educated music and carried out thousands of concerts around Spain, Germany, France and Poland.

Man and artist of strong character, independent and great lover of his own country, as well as defender of his mother tongue: Euskera, he always considered himself as an idealist and in love with the XIX century. Idealist but at the same time a tireless worker that never left anything at random, and considered that inspiration, to which he attributes only the 10% of the success, only arrived when one was working.

In 1980, the Ministry of Education granted him with the superior qualification to teach accordion and eight years later, Josu Loroño received a tribute from the Biscay Regional Council. In 1988, the town hall of Bilbao also paid him tribute for his brilliant artistic career in the town of Bilbao.

Pedro Gorospe
El Correo, December 20th 2007
The Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions fills the Arriaga Theater in a memorable Christmas Concert

The baton of Amagoia Loroño has welcome Christmas from the stage of the Arriaga Theater, with a vibrant concert packed full to the brim with an audience that has come back to this regular appointment, sponsored by the BBK Foundation.

The brilliant performance of these virtuoso Accordions has liven up the Christmas holidays through its selection of traditional pieces from the great European music, a good number from the composers J. Strauss and J. Brahms to finish with a selection of Christmas melodies; among all, the Ator...Ator... or the Mesias Sarritan, so representative from ours.

The concert could not conclude without the famous Radestzky march, indispensable in this Christmas musical events, and where the audience played an active role.

The well care setting and stage design of the formation was perfectly combine with the magnificent environment of the Arriaga Theater to obtain an spectacular effect and an enthusiastic applause; an affection that the Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions welcome with renew pride since it was named “Distinguished of Bilbao” by the mayor of the city council of Bilbao, Iñaki Azkuna and that is consider by the Orchestra the best Christmas present.
DEIA, November 6th 2007
Bilbao folk Alley

Seeing them lining in a row and in full gale, an orchestra of accordions looks like a boat in the middle of a storm. The swinging of the accordionists, the audible wind that they take out from the paunch of their instruments, evoke the image of a sailing boat fighting against the elements of the nature. This is a visual sight worthy of admiration, further on each one's musical interest.

This phenomenon could be contemplated yesterday in the Euskalduna Palace, during the concert of the Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions that was conducted by Amagioa Loroño and sounded as if the breaths of great composers blow up the pumps of each of the accordions. The concert, called "From North to South and from East to West" has been used for the recording of a new disc under the protection of the Group Nervión, where Bilbao Television and Nervión Radio were the king and the queen. The Orchestra, founded in 1963 by the maestro Josu Loroño, has grown and moves on along the years being considered today as one of the outstanding cultural heritage of the Villa. That's the reason why in 2005 Iñaki Azkuna, major of Bilbao, whom also attended yesterday to the concert, awarded them with the honorable distinction of distinguished of Bilbao, after being stated they have leave their mark everywhere they have gone.

Dress up man in dark and women with bright colored satin skirts, the staging of the Orchestra, drive by the invisible threads that goes from the soul of Amagoia to each music stand, turn out to be amazing.

The concert started vibrant with the prelude of 2º act of El Caserio, the immortal Zarzuela (Spanish Operetta) of the maestro Jesús Guridi. By then, the Palace Euskalduna stalls' showed the appearance of the great spring nights: full to bursting. Among the attendees one can stand up the presence of Enrique Campos, one of the driving forces of the communication group that manage, offstage, the show. But it wasn't the only one, of course. To the appointment also attended Txema Oleaga, Francisco Pontes, Beatriz Marcos, Luis Hermosa, Javier Ortega, Itxaso Mendizabal, Ángel Argote, Itxaso Marín, Yolanda Madariaga, Juan Antonio Ruiz, Francisco Mendiola, the hopeless megalomaniac Alfonso Carlos Sainz Valdivielso, who came with Marisa Bernuy, Rafael Ugarte, Gonzalo Menchaca, María Jesús González-Pinto, Begoña Urrutia, Fernando Mendibelzua, Javier Aranguren, the veterinarian Francisco Dehesa, Pablo Muñoz, Jon Sustatxa, Miguel Ángel Saberria, Carmen Redondo, Nazario Mendibil, Avelina Iglesias, Goio Urrutikoetxea, Cristina Muguruza, Ignacio Aldekoa, María del Carmen García, Xabier Ortuondo, Venancio Goikoetxea whom recalled the night festivals lived under the light of the summer fireworks while an accordion "enlivened the afternoons and token us till the night, when we had the courage enough to ask them to dance", Karmele Arakistain, Gloria Santamaría, Ainhoa Sánchez, Félix Orueta and a never ending list of names that attended at the inducement of good music.

With a hurry walk due to the narrowness of the clock arrived, for example, the doctor Luis Alciturri with his sons Javier and Anne, this last one apprentice of the great master of accordionist. Everyone could notice the figure of Asier Loroño sure luck of a soloist inside the Symphonic Orchestra. Also came running at the last minute Mari Carmen Ortiz, Julen Zelaieta, Gontzal Arrospide, Ignacio Mendiguren, David Escalza, whom arrived with his partner, Itziar Olmos, to reduce considerably the average of age of the auditorium, with the excuse of the attendees, Daniel Gutiérrez, José Ignacio Peláez, Beñat Olabarria, Javier Feijoó, Anne Suárez, Amaia Satrustegi, María Teresa Manzano, Miren Josune Artetxe, Kepa Arriola, Francisco Javier Hernández, Esther Larrinaga, Carmen Larrañaga, Benito Garay and so on to almost get close to infinity.

The hand program for the Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra of Accordions was arrangement by Amagoia and, in view of the results, the mend was very successful. From the Zortziko Maitetxu Mía to the Galician song Negra Sombra, passing by the pasodoble Club Cocherito, the ensalada Madrileña de Don Manolito and the final rapture of the pasacalle La Calesera, from master Fernando Alonso- (note explanatory for the youngest: there was a composer named like that before the pilot of Formula One existed)., during one hour and a half everything resulted excellent and it will take long for the attendees until they forget.

Jon Mujika